Cambodia Wedding Customs

Cambodia marriages are an important celebration for the purpose of the bride and groom. There are many events and rituals involved, plus the festivities are filled with music and performing.

The wedding couple usually change their clothing several times throughout the ceremony. They are also surrounded by friends and family. The wedding generally lasts more than one and a half days and nights.

The wedding commemoration is placed in the home of your bride. It is actually conducted by a Buddhist monk. The ceremony features the exchange of gifts. Guests are given matching golden trays to cart gifts towards the newlyweds.

During the marriage, the few is dressed in traditional Cambodian clothing. In addition they wear charms to symbolize all their parents.

The ceremony is normally followed by a feast. Foodstuff is served outside the ceremony area. The banquet consists of a variety of meals. It can contain vegetables, various meats, and puddings.

The wedding marriage ceremony commences with a procession. The groom and bride happen to be accompanied by bridesmaid. The groom’s family members travels to the bride’s family home to offer a dowry. The dowry is cash that the bridegroom pays for the bride’s parents. This is a sign of respect and honor for the bride’s family.

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The first move of the newlyweds is very poor and seems like a love song. At the end, the young people bow. The speaker will likely then online dating safety tips tell tales and parables dating cambodian women to the guests. The presenter may even carry a tray of hair tools.

A candle wedding is also presented. The candle light is a symbol of the transfer of happiness and well-being. The candles happen to be passed surrounding the circle seven times.






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